Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Slash Rips Into GnR Leaker....

Now on my homeboy's blog Two-Shot, he posted a blog about the guy, who leaked GnR's Chinese Democracy tracks. Well here's a follow up, days later ...

Former GUNS N ROSES guitarist Slash has blasted the bootlegger who reportedly leaked nine songs from the band's long-awaited album CHINESE DEMOCRACY.

The album has become something of an industry joke, having now been almost 14 years in the making.

However, the FBI arrested Kevin Cogill earlier this week after he posted completed songs on his website in June.

Currently released on bail, he could still face up to three years in prison and $250,000 (£138,000) in fines.

Slash – who has not been part of the band since 1997 – had some strong word or Cogill's actions

"I hope he rots in jail. It's going to affect the sales of the record, and it's not fair. The internet is what it is, and you have to deal with it accordingly, but I think if someone goes and steals something, it's theft."

It was recently reported that Dr Pepper was offering a free can of its drink to everyone in the US if the album is released this year.

Now, I heard on the radio this morning on the Rock Station Report, that the blogger who leaked these tracks is now asking for all of us to help pay the lawyer ...


Seriously. Help pay your lawyer?

Get the fuck outta' here, I like a few of GnR ol' skool tracks ... so this will be interesting.

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MX said...

See... here is where I have a problem. Slash is a great guitar player and the only person in GNR I can stand. The fact that he is pissed because it will effect record sales pisses me off. I want the musicians who make music because they love making music... not because they want to make as much money as possible.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... fuck Guns N Roses