Sunday, September 14, 2008

NFL Week #2 Predictions - Yahhh, Yahhh

Hoorah, for Football!!

So this week should be pretty damn exciting, any Sunday is exciting now during football season for me. It beats the many hours of ads for weightloss lies and bullshit gadgets don't will never work. So here we are ... Week 2 Predictions from your's truly ...

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals - I like the Bengals ... Poor Ocho Cinco, he has to pay 4.18 Million, just to buy out his jerseys so they can out the "Ocho Cinco" ones.

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions - *Coughs* ... Now although I know Detroit has the "High-Octaned" Offense, I must go and become a Sin, voting for Packers. XD

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs - I like the Chiefs in this one, Oakland's D got outshown last week and their waste of profit in their players was nothing more than hilarious last Monday night. Plus Chiefs are what I like to call "Silent Assassins", most oversee them, but this week, they'll take victory

New York Giants at St. Louis Rams - Now, usually I'd take the Giants, they had a long resting week. But my pick of the day will go to the Rams. Now sure, they got humiliated like hell last week, but again, they will hopefully have their shit together.

Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings - I'd pick the Vikings, their QB needs to make the necessary improvements or they change to a different one. Indy took a defeat last week that was very "un-ordinary". Peyton's got the "rust" off and he'll be ready to get revenge for that loss.

New Orleans Saints at Washington Redskins - Saints are dangerous, but although my Skins loss to Giants, they did hold them to just one touchdown, with like a load of FG's made. I like the Skins ... I believe what I hear on the news ... they got something in tact for Saints.

Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers - Nope, not the Bears. I like Carolina, even though without Steve Smith, next week, he'll be in the lineup, however they have Mushin, and the rest of the crew, plus I like my man DeAngelo Williams.

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars - This is a hard pick for me. I like both teams, Jaguars pulled out a win last week, so did Buffalo. Buffalo definitely showed off their skills last week against the Seahawks. I mean the rushing attack was there, the passing, the defense, and the Special Teams surely was there. I have to throw a quarter on this one and it'll say Buffalo Bills.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks - I was definitely disappointed in the Hawks' last week. They got beat up every way possible. Maybe they'll do better this week.

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The "Dirty Birds" should beat the "Theivin' Pirates". Lol Should be a definitely good game this week.

New England Patriots at New York Jets - Patriots lost their leader, lol. Jets will take this.

Miami Dolphins at Arizona Cardinals - Dolphins lost a nailbiter last week, and this week, they'll have to try and take out the Cardz'. Cardz' got a lot of momentum behind them from last week, so I have to go with them.

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos - Chargers, definitely. Now, last week, we all know when the "Pump Fake" is used at a clutch moment in a game, it can be fucking deadly as we saw last week. Two seconds on the clock,and the receiver is in the backend, just standing there and next thing you know, he has the game-winning touchdown. It just falls in his hands, almost slipping, but he held it. Pump Fake is deadly, lol. Don't be fooled this week, You got Jay Cutler and that wicked receiver, Eddie Royal.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns - UPSET OF THE WEEK! Browns over the Steelers. Now I know ya'll who like the Black and Gold/Yellow/Whatever ... will likely want to smash my face in, but it's there and said.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys - The Reunion, lmao. This one is going to be a fucking ball come Monday Night. D-Naab vs. T.O. Who'll win this round? I'll say Eagles. Even some of the experts have said Cowboys never won on a Monday Night game. Jessica is to be there ... Jinx!

Now this game wasn't even suppose to happen on Monday Night, but due to the change of schedule with the Hurricane Ike disaster and it's pulling of five panels off of the Reliant Stadium, the schedule is changed a bit. So this game should be hard-hitting.

Bye: Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday, and please don't beat up your neighbor if he likes the opponent your team is playing. All fair in love and war. MX, I know you'll be checking this. I still hate your Packs, lol. Although I had no choice, I had to vote. Now if Lions choose to make an upset, we're both going to be with our heads down. I picked the Packers, and you being a Packers fan. All fair in love and war, eh?

Till then, I'm out!

- B.J

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