Friday, September 05, 2008

Oh Dear, Hurricane Hannah ....

It's Hurricane Season, bitches!

Yep and second after Gustav is now Hurricane Hannah. So far from what I've gotten out of the news tonight is that it's suppose to make landfall here in Maryland where I am, by tonight doing partial, then another load tommorow from 10 in the mornin' till 4 in the afternoon. Then again on Sunday.

You know, I hate these situations, so much preperations, in case power goes, or worst, trees and shit fall. Luckily none of that has happened to me. So hopefully Hannah takes it lightly on us. 

So yeah, I'm going to have fun!

Be easy ladies and gents .... I'm gonna try and hope for no damage from this ... except for lots and lots of rain and some fierce winds. 

Bleh ....

- B.J

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