Sunday, September 07, 2008



Who the hell expected to see Y2J win the FUCKING GOLD. I'm pretty sure MX over at Two-Shot has pretty much wet himself at seeing this. Although losing to Michaels in that great ass match, Jericho makes it up with being the replacement of CM Punk and taking victory in the scramble match.

Holy Fuck ...

Something finally went right tonight! Thank You!

- B.J


MX said...

You know I was excited. Orton saved us from the garbage that was CM Punk. Although, for a second, I thought it was gonna be Orton but this is ALMOST as good.

The world is Jericho's.

Scottish Sin said...

MX isn't the only one incase you forget that it was me that posted about the Jericho/HBK feud. ;)

As for the result... it's surprising. I guess they have a ton of faith in Jericho right now in doing this, that... and it was awesome seeing Orton being responsible for knocking Punk outta the match.

The only result that would have been better as MX said, would've been Orton as the new champ (resulting in the injury being a work the whole time). Now that would have been AWESOME.

It'll be interesting seeing where they go from here with Jericho as the champ though.