Sunday, September 28, 2008


Redskins WR, James Thrash said it best tonight within his TD Victory celebration. Him loudly shouting out the word "Hallelujah!" as the Dallas Cowboy fans were yelling in boos. 

My skins did very fucking good today. Only
 if you lived in the D.C Region/MD/VA area, you'd realize how serious beating a hated rival such as the Dallas Cowboys. From all of the shit they've got away with, to seeing them parade around in celebrations ever since, even to the dreaded 'Funeral Wreath' in their locker room. 

Within the past two years, we've obtained victories over the Cowboys. Yes, they made a few mistakes, including the two TD's that were called back due to a shitty-ass holding call. But you know what, they shined through. With Cowboys using all th
eir timeouts, the shit was over, and again, I'm loving the hell out of Chris Horton's skills. 249th pick in the draft this year, we got a "golden" one.

Man, now we gotta focus on the "Eggles" as Chris Berman says it. Tonight was a fucking good one. Everytime I'm out on the road, you see the asses that live in the region, rep fuckin' Cowboy flags on their rides. I'm pretty sure they're ripping them off ..... right about now.

Another good game, was Buccaneers and the Packe
rs, I know my boy MX is slightly going in cohoots, since he's a Packer's fan. Not only the loss, but seeing his QB go down, from one hell of a drop. Plus Bucs' needed to win it, it was an emotional game, for the team and their kicker, Matt Bryant. Condolenscence go out to his family.

All in all, a good day, a day of heartbreaks, excitement, aggravating, and firings. We seen already one from Detroit Lions, now I'm pretty sure Scott Linehan and Kiffin from the Raiders will probably get the papers. Although Kiffin has lost some close games. He doesn't quite deserve the "walk". Maybe Linehan, losing consecutively and out of nowhere, demoting your franchise QB to the bench for a beat-up QB, no dis-respect, but Trent has lost the "spark", the injuries he's taken, I don't see it as a good call. So heh ... This is my mini-recap of so far. Check for MX over at Two-Shot for complete scores and erry'thing ...

"See, this is why I love the Redskin fans alike myself. We're creative with things. This is done by someone on the Official Redskins forum, decided to share with a bit of editing. We got them, and now we defeated them. Nuff said ..."


MX said...

Yeah, I was a little bitter. You know I'll have my thoughts after the Monday Night game.

Still, it's too bad to hear about Matt's son. So sad.

Not only was Aaron injured, so was AJ Hawk. We're falling apart at the seams man. It's pissing me off.

'Black Jaysus' said...

Yeah, I know, they said Rodgers would have an MRI today to see about the 'supposed' seperated shoulder. I didn't know Hawk was down ... Damn.