Monday, September 08, 2008

What In The Hell Were You Thinking?

Edition One: "Look Twice Before Throwing When Game Is On The Line"

Inspired from this Packs/Vikings game, I thought I would introduce a new feature onto the blog, entitled "What In The Hell Were You Thinking?" This first one goes to the one who inspired me for this. Mr. Traveres Jackson, the QB for the Minnesota Vikings.

Now yes, I know the kid had alot to learn, it's his 3rd season for god sake. He's fast, he reminds you somewhat of Mike Vick with the ability to jinx the D' and scramble for huge yardage. However, tonight was the night for a huge upset.

Green Bay surely helping out the Vikes early and often in this match with this 22-penalty called night. Never have I seen as many flags fly in a football game.

So, what in the hell was Jackson thinking when throwing that damn interception when the guy was covered. Look twice before throwing.

Now I know MX had to almost piss himself seeing that the Vikes were close to stealing this one, if not for that damn INT. His Packers was "eh". Yes, "EH". I believe these two face off again down the road, so hopefully the Vikes will step shit up and get their QB to know how to read under pressure when down only a TD. Do what John Madden says in the Madden 09 commercial, "Just don't do stupid things ...". Traveres, you just learned yet another lesson, my "Runnin' Wild" friend.

My own personal note, Green Bay got away with a lot of damn calls that should've been called on their defense. Like two Pass Interferences, and some other stuff that the refs' played "Blind" on.

Highlight of the night has to go to Adrian Peterson, trucking the shit out of Al Harris. Sorry Al, you got owned on this .... Couldn't get the picture yet, so I got what I could.

So now I'm going to watch Oakland face Denver with Denver putting a TD up first ... I'm still going with Oakland to win this ... (hopefully). My week of predix has been total utter shit.

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