Saturday, August 30, 2008

Silent Treatment

I-I-I get it. I run New York...or rather I run myself into a silent treatment sort of situaton. So get this. My cousin tells me that if I fall in the water she will laugh, I call her an asshole so she gets upset. Her mother tries to play on some dominant shit telling me I can't stay in the house if I'm "above being spoken to". I'm looking at this chick like "WTF are you talking about?" So now my cousin tells me since I think she's an asshole, she'll treat me like one. I could only laugh to myself because this chick has no clue what an asshole is if she thinks the silent treatment is what's going to kill me. Home girl better up her game up cause my father had made a living out of ignoring his family when he wants nothing to do with them. This is just a cake-walk for me. She doesn't know how truly cold and calculating a human can be, she can only imagine. I know at first hand experience. So she can play the cute "omg neva goin to talk to u foreva!!!!!!!1111oneoneoneelevenone" bullshit all she wants because she's not ready to be an asshole.

She's an intern at it. Being an asshole? I got my doctorate and I'm well certified ladies and gentlemen so she can kill it cause she's not ready for it. Tae-Kwon-Do or whatever karate bullshit won't help her in this one cause my mind is more mentally strong and adept to hate and isolation than hers. I can inhale and exhale hate longer than most. I dwell in the negativity and ignorance. I can transform into it. When push comes to shove, I am it. So she can live in her fantasy world thinking she's cruel and she's somewhat hurt me but look at me, I'm too fucking thick skinned and hard headed to feel a thing. You think I lose sleep at night over this chick? Gotta be kidding me. Poor kid, she has no clue what mental war she has gotten herself into. I'll have to TKO her ass out by mind now. She would have been better off if she had handled this war physically now I might traumatize her. What a poor unfortunate soul.

Update: She found herself too weak and broke down back to her normal self by early evening today. Shame. Would have been a mental fight for the ages.