Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic Flashback: "Ain't That A Kick In The Head..."

"Hey man, Nice Shot!"

I know ... I lied.

So what, I felt like posting a "night closure". Remember this cuban guy ... upset with the ref'. Instead of just going about his business. He 'Jackie Chan' the referee ... kicking him right in the head/face.

I couldn't help but laugh at that scene. I can understand taking your sport seriously, wanting to argue of the result, but just to straight kick the judge/ref in the face ... alot of balls there.

Well, that's my Olympic Flashback.

I know alot have heard about this whole "Usain Bolt <-> NFL" thing rumoring about. I know previous olympians have led a successful career in the NFL, but I dunno ... it'll be a breaking story, but I just don't know if Bolt decides to roll that route.

Speaking of the NFL, I wish Texans' WR, Harry Williams a speedy recovery from the surgery due to him taking a hell of a colllision by his own mate in last week's game vs. Cowboys. A broken vertebrae and the saying of the guy's career being done and over. Only played one game I believe last year (in his stats). Definitely sucks. So I'm hoping dude a speedy recovery. Miracles do happen, just ask Kevin Everrett.

This is it from me tonight ... I'm serious!

Stay out of trouble ya'll and be safe! Remember to register to vote. I know many of ya'll fuckers haven't registered. Do it now and make a change.


- BJ

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