Friday, August 08, 2008

Welcome 2 JamRock's #1 Misfit

I just got added on the The.Jayspot roster. OUT IN THE STREETS THEY CALL IT MURDA! Yes, I'm currently blogging from Jamaica a.k.a Jam-Rock. I'm up in hills. Elite, bitches. Straight elite. Enough joking I guess I should tell you what you might be interested in which is some stats on the new kid:

\\ Name //
Daemon Michael Johnson

\\ Birth //
September 30, 1989

\\ Genetics //
Dark Brown (Hair / Eyes), Light Skin

\\ Heritage //
German / Jamaican

\\ Nationality //

\\ Located //
In the hills, St. Andrew, Jamaica

\\ Occupation //
Student / Writer

Well that's it for now. Over the weeks and such you'll hear how I feel. Trust me, I can rant. Until then, I'll be out watching The Dark Knight in the movie theater with my cousin. Remember..."OUT IN THE STREETS THEY CALL IT MURDA!" Heh.

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