Saturday, August 23, 2008

MindFuck'd! : When Your Brain Wanders Off Into ...

Have you ever went to sleep at nights, only for a delirious scene to take place. Sometimes it's a good one, a dream you only wished for to happen, and one that is downright maddening?

Well I went through what could be described as deep, intense dream.
Basically I went to one of my friend's birthday party. All had turned out fine and well, until all of the guests were leaving. I was already in the car, waiting for my girlfriend to stop mingling with the folks, wanting her to get her ass in the car. It was late as hell, it seemed. Well only a few minutes in waiting time, two dudes had bumped into each other in their ride. It was indeed unintentional. I seen no harm in it. Both however got out of the car with foul words and stepped into each other's face. All with that happening, two white delivery vans came rolling through. With those two arguing, they had both reached underneath their sport jacket, grabbing their pistol. Everyone unaware of this shit, how could you be aware of something like this.

So as it kept becoming a standstill that was just words flowing from each other's mouth about the car and then it scaled to something else. That led to one of the guys going to the white van and opening the door. Come to find out after the door opened, the guy was heavily stacked with shells and AK-47's. He turned around swiftly, as the guy saw it. He took no chance and quickly shot the guy with the AK-47 right in his temple. One shot ... accurate as hell, right?

Soon as he shot the guy, those who had ducked for cover were smart. That supposed to have been me, aware and smart to drive the hell off. However in this dream, I was the 'dunts' or howerver you spell it. Just sitting there and watching this unfold. Others were around too, the nosey ass guests. Soon as the guy shot him, lord behold, the van was stacked with not only weapons but men in black (no pun intended), ski-masks, all the gear on. They were already armed and up. A damn shootout had become of the scene. The guy who shot the other guy had become nothing but blood and pieces of flesh spread around his ride and the other guy's ride. Those nosey ass guests were no more either. The guys in black, chose to shoot at both cars causing both to explode in a chain reaction-like behavior.

Where was I? Still there ... this is totally not me. If I even see one fucker pull out something, before he can unveil it, I'm gone. Hell I'll be gone soon as the event is over with.
In this scene, I was still there. Then the light bulb clicked on, telling myself why not go ahead and go now before anything else happen. Yeah, doing that only triggered the peeps in the van to see us leave in hastily fashion. Spinning around in their white unmarked van, they were armed, aiming at my ride. Next thing you know, I'm ducking for cover and shit while my ride gets fucked in the ultimate way.

You know that scene from "Set It Off" when Queen Latifah was in her ride, and it got shot up, and the fucker slowed down?
Same shit happened to my ride, w/o the tricks inside. Heat was felt underneath the car, a fucking fire was happening as I got the chance to peek out the mirror to see flaring flames come up the side of the car. Next thing you know ....

Shit blew up.

I woke up in an instant, sweaty as shit.

.... I must sleep 'safe' from now on ...

Note: Don't end up like me, kids .... It's not the safest option in the book!

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