Friday, August 29, 2008

Gonna Have to Ask You To Go To Hell

Seriously...I hate people. I hate stupid people more. Let me give list you why my family members suffer from mental retardation from the worst ways:

Uncle: He feels as though he should quit his job cause a woman got promoted over him. Now if this isn't bad enough, this man goes and has two more kids to add to his two kids he already has to support. The last one - out of wedlock. Fucking retard. His wife up and leaves him and goes to Florida taking two of the kids leaving one at home and the other out of wedlock kid somewhere in Jamaica. (It's not hers, why should she give a damn?)

Aunt: Stop the f'n elitist bullshit already woman. You're not special and you know it.

Aunt's Oldest Daughter: Just. Fuck. Off. Really. Every little damn thing someone does you feel the need to yell at them and boss them around.

Aunt's Youngest Daughter: You are no better than your older sister and if you start some shit with me I will hook you in the mouth, cousin or no cousin. Act like a man, get pummeled like one. Hook you off with that Rick James brass knuckles: U-N-I-T-Y!

The rest of these misfits: Just fuck off really. You all think your high shit and talk down about me, America, and Americans. If America ever decides to embargo your ass you'll be worse off than Haiti so suck a big one, idiots. What makes you so awesome? Is it that MOST MURDEROUS COUNTRY OF 2007? Or the fact you are the most hateful pieces of shit to disgrace the Caribbean. You aren't shit, neither is this little backwards island you call Jamaica. I came for my degree, I'm leaving with my sanity. Fuck you.

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