Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What The Hell Was They Thinking? Edition #1

So many failed attempts I know at editions. What can I say, I try to go hard, but things just come up. So in this premiere, I'll be giving you two posts, in forgiveness ... yeah, that's all I ask for.

Today I was surfing DatPiff, I love that place, it has the news and the needs for addicted mixtape listeners ...

So while looking through what they had today, I found an interesting topic. Quite hilarious, but then at the same time, "ghey". I'll let you see for yourself.

10 seconds into the clip, a boxer kisses his opponent on the neck then got knocked the hell out. You'll see it closer up at the "1:32" mark.

Now I know boxing has been owned most of the time by the MMA market, but with crap like this ... it's disturbing. First it was having to worry about your ear being bitten off, now you have to worry about your opponent sneaking in a kiss on your neck. 0.0

1 comment:

two3 said...

#1. That guy is super skinny for his height.
#2. Having the last name "Titsworth" is bad enough without kissing dudes.