Saturday, November 08, 2008


"Get Ya Popcorn Read-ay!"

As the season gets closer and closer to the playoffs with week number ten ... things are shaping up. The NFC East by far is at best, AFC West has an undetermined leader as everyone is seemingly looking to build something up for the next seven weeks. Yes, seven more fucking weeks before playoffs then the Superbowl ... then it's back to Sundays being bored as fuck. All that's being on television is repeats and infomercials, like as if we're going to buy rubber towels that soak up gallons of water and liquids. 

College Football being no more in a few more weeks as well as they prepare for the bowl games and then the NFL draft for the Seniors ... so it'll be a busy off-season and such ... yada yada yada yada ...

Oh yeah ... there is basketball ... totally forgot, my bad ...

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons - It's just something about those Saints ... the fans, Bree's warm-up Speech.

Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears  - Someone please end this 'fantasy trip' ...

Jacksonville Jaguars
 at Detroit Lions - 'No-Brainer'

Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins - Miami has found their swagger ...

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings - This is a big fucking rivalry game ... plus I have faith in Vikings to beat Packs, unlike last time ... Sorry MX ...  =)

Buffalo Bills
 at New England Patriots - Patriots are eh .... I like Buffalo in this one.

St. Louis Rams at New York Jets - And so I would pick Rams, but their star back isn't playing (I think cramps or something) ... so it'll be slightly one-dimensional.
Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans - I like dem' Ravens ....

Carolina Panthers at Oakland Raiders - Steve Smith will whip Al Davis's ass!

Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers - Peyton Manning will get his team out of the rut.

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers - The Power Of Blue and Gold

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles - It'll help my Skins' in the standings.

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals - I think Singletary's antics will lead to a shape up in 'San Fran' ...

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