Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sad Day

"Hey, Remember Me?"

You know, it's time like these when fans at home see this snapshot from their team's opponents with the last few seconds on the clock. Then you cheer and hope with a turkey wishbone that it gets blocked or a gust of winds sends it slanting sideways. Well ... today it happened twice, once in Atlanta which I was glad for, and in Washington, which I damn sure wasn't happy.

Seeing your team lose brilliantly to a winless team thanks to some rookie receiver grabbing a "game" catch causing the kick. Note, their kicker who was formerly with the Seahawks did the same two years ago, playoff time, in which he missed it. Today was "redemption" and he got it.

Redskins were counted as to win by 15, yet lose by 2 ... yeah, so here I am, watching this Arizona/Dallas game with a few shots of JD already in, hoping for Fallas to lose ... ((hopefully))

Ghey, real ghey ....

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