Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hate Family

Here's another one for the pages, people. Jesus God I swear one of these finer days I'm just going to land one of those Chuck Norris kicks on my cousins. So I find out my cousin is talking shit about me to her friend(s)(or people who talk to her cause she has a car and seems slightly useful) now she trying to act like she's in the right kicking me out of her room. All right, kid, you think you slick? I got you, holmes. I don't care if I have to walk up the fucking hill and break into Long Mountain to get home, I don't want a ride home from you. I don't want to see you. I don't want to hear you OR my name out of your mouth. You screwed up bad because I'm one of the only legit people who gives a damn whether you live or die but that's cool. You're cool, yeah.

You're so cool that I'm gonna ignore your dumb ass until you get the point that no matter what you shouldn't talk shit about people especially when it's not true. I don't talk shit about you, if anything written here it's the truth about the situation but I caught you holmes. Fake chick. One minute you want to talk to me about your love life but next time you saying something else about me? How I'm okay enough for you to talk about things you don't tell nobody else but another minute I'm not cool enough? If that's how you feel, pack your shit and head down to your friend's house and stay the fuck out my way. This is why we end up dating every kind of women EXCEPT black women. Then they turn around confused and bitter about why. Can't deal with these trifling women. Steal the damn joy out of your heart.


'Black Jaysus' said...

Damn, Dae' ... I'm gonna have to make up a banner just for these wicked rants you got.

Chuck Norris kick ftw, tho!

Family can be a bitch ... I've experienced half of em', lol

MX said...

Haha... that's why I'm datin' a white chick.

Sucks about your situation though. Don't even worry about her ass. Move on man,